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The monthly tuition is based on $9 per hour of instruction. Each class meets two days per week for 2 hours. In a normal month, there are 8 classes, which include 16 hours of instruction. (16 hours X $9 per hour = $144 per month). If there are more or less classes in a month, you will be charged accordingly.

Some students prefer to take classes more than two days per week. We accept cash and checks, as well as debit/credit payments through PayPl Image - English Language Learning Center Go to our Make a Payment page to make a payment through PayPl Image - English Language Learning Center

PayPl Image - English Language Learning Center charges a 4% fee for using their services to pay by credit or debt.


Each level requires a set of textbooks. Some books are used in several levels. The cost of the books is extra and can be purchased through the school. Books will be available for purchase at the first class. Some books are provided for in class use by the school at no charge.

Field Trips

Educational field trips are planned each session. The price is not included in the tuition. Some of the field trips we have been on include:

  • The Miracle Worker – play at Roswell Theater
  • CNN Center
  • Atlanta Botanical Gardens
  • Cagle’s Dairy
  • Tellus Museum
  • Center for Puppetry Arts


The price for tutoring is $30. Please see our Tutoring page for more details.